Ramsey-Smith-Etheridge House, Circa 1900, Louisville

This was designed by Louisville native and prominent architect Willis Franklin Denny II (1874-1905).


1 thought on “Ramsey-Smith-Etheridge House, Circa 1900, Louisville

  1. Richard Schickling

    The house pictured above is our current residence since 2004. It is know to us as the Little house named after Marion Little who was a life-long teacher in Louisville, Georgia. As the story goes… the houjse was built in 1901. Marion’s father was a forest plantion owner who had four houses built in the city for his wife and three relations. The archect of our house was Willis F. Denny and I suspect that he was the asrchect of the other three houses. The house is a Greek Revival style with a shotgun hallway measuring 70 feet from front to rear. The 6 main rooms strattle the hallway and are 16×16 with 11 foot ceilings. The entrance to the parlor are through large pocket doors. A borded attic was included, although designed for, a staircase was not instlled at the time of construction. We instlled a matching staircase and upstairs foyer uring our residence. our mission is to keep this structural history of Georgia alive by continuing to maintain the “Little House”.


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