Gable Front House, Darien

This is one of my favorite houses in the Mentionville neighborhood.

1 thought on “Gable Front House, Darien

  1. Penny Rossiter

    Is there any chance of saving these houses?If a property is privately owned and the owner/owners are not intetested, it’s tough to do this. Thus, the history vanished with the structures. I own property in Hog Hammock on Sapelo. Our houses are on the National Register. I held a seat on the McIntosh Co. Preservation Board for a while. The county attorney booted me off because the McIntosh Co home was not my primary residence. You want to give away your time, talent and knowledge for free and that’s what you get. I have restored one house and am working on the other. I was amazed, and still am!!! Thank you for bringing the architectural history of McIntosh Co to light.


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