Barney’s Historic Commercial Block Lost to Demolition

“Downtown” Barney, showing the recently demolished historic commercial block, with Rountree Grocery in the distance

Barney was once a busy trading crossroads, anchored by thriving nearby peach farms. It was large enough to support several general/grocery stores, and for many years these ghosts kept vigil over the commercial center of the old town. (The largest section of the block, on the right, was Blease’s Store). I’ve learned that they have been demolished in recent months, though I’m not exactly sure when, and having photographed them since the early 2000s, I’m not surprised. These are the last photos I made here, in 2016.


1 thought on “Barney’s Historic Commercial Block Lost to Demolition

  1. Chris Godfrey

    I’m a Barney native that moved back only to find all of the history of this small town destroyed. I’m just curious to know was there any grant funding that was perhaps misappropriated. The walk is just not the same. Highly Disappointed


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