William Cobb House, 1905, Tifton

Tifton Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “William Cobb House, 1905, Tifton

  1. Sharon

    Renovations should be completed. Please take an updated photo and share it with us.
    Beautiful home!

  2. sue

    how does one find reliable contractors in such rural areas? I have a senior friend living nearby who cannot find a contractor to hook up her new well to her home and has been months without running water! thanks for any help!

  3. Susan Anderson (soon to be Raeder)

    Michael Raeder and I purchased the William Cobb home in November of 2021. We are currently working on bringing back the beautiful gardens around our home. We plan on bringing back the railing that originally went around the upper level of the veranda. We are also planning our wedding which will take place on the grounds in October of 2022.


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