Log Tobacco Barn, Brooklet

Though the hearth has been removed, the tobacco steps still remain in this landmark outside Brooklet, recently exposed by timber removal.

Thanks to James Lanier for sharing the location.




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3 responses to “Log Tobacco Barn, Brooklet

  1. Jesse Bookhardt

    Great image! The insides of this old barn brings back many memories of my days spent working with tobacco. I am not sure what is the meaning of “steps” but those old skinned pole tiers are very typical of old log tobacco barns of the early times of South Georgia. We workers always liked the poll tiers better than the rough cut two by fours, since they were much more comfortable on one’s naked feet. These old barns usually had a brick wood burning furnace that had a chimney on one end of the barn. The wood was loaded from the outside but the heat permeated though the barn cooking (curing) the golden leaves. Later, most old such furnaces were replaced with an iron one burner kerosene rigs with metal flues.

  2. Larry Dixon

    Thanks Brian. I never thought I would ever see the inside of an old barn like this again.

  3. Penny Rossiter

    Brian, what is the location of this tobacco barn in Brooklet?

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