Williams House, Clyo

Alice DeForest writes: This house belongs to Cary Williams, Sr., and Ann Ford. It was built by their great-grandfather and has been in their family a very long time…Their father, Joseph Williams, Sr., was born and raised in the home. Joe Jr. and Cary were born there also. Their grandmother Emma Williams taught school in Clyo and roomed many teachers there…


5 thoughts on “Williams House, Clyo

  1. James Arnsdorff

    My sister purchased this home and a store In Clyo from Cary Williams & wife.
    I’m presently restoring it . Will also preserve the store when this project is completed !
    Prior to these purchases, my sister also bought the ‘ Ulysses l. Ellzey’ house in Clyo , which I have completely restored (next to Clyo post office) . Believe you had a picture posted of this house as well . James Arnsdorff (Savannah )

  2. Raphael Semmes

    I knew both Joe Williams Sr. and Jr, Sr owned Williams Store in Clyo and sometimes came to Savannah to buy merchandise to sell in his store from my family’s wholesale hardware business. Joe Jr. worked for us for many years, and eventually became president of the firm in the late 1970’s. I had to close that business in 1983 due to continuing economic downturns across the southeast region.

  3. Paula Pearson Kaiser

    My husband works at the local cable company & know all this area really well, including Newington, I will show him the local post & see if he knows anything about them! I love your post! I live close to Shawnee Egypt.

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  5. Rafe Semmes

    Pastors at any of the nearby churches probably have someone in their congregations who could provide info for you. There are several close by.

    Rafe Semmes Savannah/Midway


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