Shotgun House, Dodge County

I first thought this was a general/grocery store with an attached residence but now believe it was just a house. It’s located near Chester.


1 thought on “Shotgun House, Dodge County

  1. Noelle L Hollis

    Hi Mr Brown- where exactly is this old abandoned general store located in Dodge County? I ask because I’ve learned, via genealogy attempting to solve my family’s 130 year old mystery, that my ancestors had definitive ties to Missler (formerly Normandale, now Suomi). My ancestor ran the “commissary” ie; General Store at Missler and was murdered in 1897. I understand from corresponding with Dr Mark Wetherington (who directed me to your photos) that former Missler sat between the railroad tracks which run along Golden Isle Pkwy, up to create a “triangle” of sorts via Suomi Rd, and Jaybird Springs Road to the east of Suomi Road completed out the Missler boundaries, give or take. If the location of this photo is near where I describe, I can lend further insights. Best regards…Noelle L Hollis


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