Liberty Methodist Church, Marion County

I first identified this historic structure, south of Mauk, as a schoolhouse, largely due to the fact that it still has traces of red paint. But George Woodall, who grew up in Mauk, relates that it was Liberty Methodist Church. It’s definitely endangered and will likely not survive much longer without intervention.


6 thoughts on “Liberty Methodist Church, Marion County

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  2. George Woodall

    I am a native of Mauk, Georgia which is located in Taylor County but is less than one mile from Marion County. I grew up in the fifties and attended Mauk Methodist Church and Mauk School where my mother was one of the teachers. Both are located in Taylor County. The building pictured is located about three miles south of Mauk in Marion County on Ga. Hwy. 127 on the Mauk mail route and was Liberty Methodist Church. I believe it closed in the fifties. I do not know whether it was ever a school.

  3. ghsbp

    There are two schools on a 1950 Marion map that are south of Mauk, just over the county line. One is Acorn Grove, which is listed as a church and school. The other is unlabeled.

    I think you have the unlabeled one.

    I have a list of all Black schools being sold in 1954 after a new consolidated school was built: Buena Vista High School, Acorn Grove, Brantley, Brown Chapel, Mt. Carmel, New Fellowship, Pine Level, Tazewell, St. Mark, Popular Springs, St. Paul, Mt. Zion, Sales Chapel and Pond Hill.

    I’m pretty sure it’s none of those. Enough are labeled on the map that I think I can rule all of them out.

    That’s a perfectly good building, though, and I suspect Marion would have been using it into the 1950s. The state credited Marion with 19 Black schools in 1950.

    If I’m guessing right on the location, that school would have consolidated with Acorn Grove or Tazewell, probably between 1950 and 1953.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I’m just not sure. It’s in a very rural area south of Mauk but in Marion, not Taylor. It could have even been a church, but I strongly doubt it with the red paint and the window/door configuration on the visible facade.


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