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New Providence Primitive Baptist Church, Pineville

This church is located adjacent to the Pineville Church, illustrated in the previous post.

Pineville Church, Marion County

The community that was home to this church has long been lost to history, but at one time, Pineville was a thriving place. Today, this church is all that remains, and it is quite a mystery.

The church was of the Baptist faith.

New Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church, Marion County

This is located near the historic community of Church Hill.

Liberty Methodist Church, Marion County

I first identified this historic structure, south of Mauk, as a schoolhouse, largely due to the fact that it still has traces of red paint. But George Woodall, who grew up in Mauk, relates that it was Liberty Methodist Church. It’s definitely endangered and will likely not survive much longer without intervention.


Buena Vista United Methodist Church, 1858, Marion County

Buena Vista United Methodist Church Marion County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Organized at Tazewell in 1844, this congregation had moved to Buena Vista by 1854. Strong on temperance revivals, the church was credited in 1854 with the closure of three saloons. has often, through its history, enjoyed dynamic preaching as illustrated by this account from 1854.  A new church was built in 1858. It was moved to this location from near the cemetery in 1908. Brick was added in 1924.