Hutchings-Carr House, 1810-1811, Clinton

The Hutchings-Carr House was among the early substantial homes built by the settlers of Clinton, designated the Jones County seat in 1808, and incorporated in 1809. The Hutchings family were among the most prolific settlers of the pioneer community and builder Roger Hutchings served as tax collector, sheriff, and state representative for Jones County. His son Charles was a leading merchant in Clinton and later owned the house. The Federal-influenced Plantation Plain structure retains many original interior features, including carved sunburst friezes on the mantels. The house was expanded in the mid-19th century and the windows widened and lengthened. The front porch was added at this time.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “Hutchings-Carr House, 1810-1811, Clinton

  1. Ellen Ramsey

    I so appreciate and love seeing what remains of our history. Thank you Brian Brown for documenting before it’s too late.

  2. Robert M Bumgarner

    If I was building a new house today it would be a plantation-design. My favorite of all styles. Thanks

  3. J. Logan Nicholson

    I grew up in Hiawassee, Ga. Not much of historic value there, but I do enjoy the pictures you present. I am a fan.


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