Bachelors’ Academy, 1909, Jackson County

This schoolhouse is part of the Shields-Etheridge Heritage Farm and is just down the road from the main house and sharecropper’s village. Alex and Emory Shields, grandsons of James Shields, donated two acres for the construction of the school and it was named the Bachelors’ Academy in their honor. Ira had been a teacher himself in his younger days and believed strongly in education. In 1938, when Jackson County consolidated its rural schools, the Bachelors’ Academy became a school for African-American children, and Ira provided the teacher housing in the sharecroppers’ village. The school was in used until 1950 and was restored in 1996.

Shields-Etheridge Farm, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Bachelors’ Academy, 1909, Jackson County

  1. Maggie

    Thank you, Brian …

    I know I can count on you to answer my questions when I’m out back-roading and find something of significant history but am unable to explore it due to my mobility issues. I’ve written you before and just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate you sharing your pictures and commentary pertaining thereto. Were the body still able I’d be out of the car in a heartbeat to explore these wonderful old places, thank you for being my legs. – Maggie


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