Ashley Oaks, 1879, Jonesboro

This home was built by Leander Carruth Hutchenson, who served for many years as sheriff of Clayton County, with over 1 million handmade bricks.

Jonesboro Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Ashley Oaks, 1879, Jonesboro

  1. Jack Dominey

    It’s a lovely building and this may sound like nitpicking, but that’s not a million bricks. Standard bricks are about 2 1/4″H x 7 5/8″L. A million of them, ignoring the mortar, would give you four walls 47 feet high and 159 feet wide.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Jack, no problem…I often use local resources for these descriptions, and while well-meaning, they can be exaggerations. I’m not an engineer so wouldn’t have even thought of it that way. The building is probably about 20-25′ tall but is quite deep. And it’s said that bricks were also used on the inside walls. Still, a million does seem a stretch.


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