M. D. Norman House, 1907, Norman Park

m d norman house norman park ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Begun in 1903, this was the home of Marion Davis Norman. M. D. borrowed the money to build this house from his father, and his brother built an identical house across the highway in the same manner. For years, there was a persistent rumor that a tunnel connected these two houses, but that has been proven incorrect. The house is presently owned and being renovated by concert pianist Tommy Whiddon, and will eventually be returned to its former grandeur. Thanks to Norma Morris of Fitzgerald for this information. Mrs. Morris is the granddaughter of M. D. and Sarah Norman.


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23 responses to “M. D. Norman House, 1907, Norman Park

  1. KRIS

    So I am am Norman and the rumor is from my dad (Keith) that his dad (Josh Noman) my grandaddy’s family settled Norman Park, I am trying to find the lineage back to confirm if this is true. Has anyone done a heritage tree or mapped the family? If so is it possible to share it.

  2. My father, Ralph Norman was born in this house in 1908. He was the youngest of Marion Davis and Sara Lugenia Norman’s ten children. The twin house across the road was owned by Marion’s brother.

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  4. Paula L Thames

    My grandfather had taken me there to view the landscape as a child, he was James Bryant Norman. His father was James Bryant Norman, Sr. I had thought my great grandfather lived here as well.
    My mother was taken there as a child to visit her grandpa as well.

  5. Denise

    I am related to the Normans. The brothers who had the houses were not twins.

  6. I don’t have any additional information on these houses but my great grand father was Simpson Jeremiah Norman. While he is buried at Brinson GA his brothers are buried in Moultrie at the “Elephant” Cemetery. His daughters were Pearl, Gladys ( my granny) Estelle, Mildred, Maggie, & Cecil. If any of you have Norman genealogy please contact me. Fan hill Matthews


      Do you know if of any Parrish Norman in the tree, He would have been my great granddady. Parrish and Lilia had 4 kids Betty, Martha, Pauleen and Josh all born in Moultrie.

  7. Tasha

    I heard these were the dorms for Norman College. I have also heard about the tunnel. I am so glad someone is restoring them. And thanks for sharing.

  8. Ken Weaver

    My uncle Ralph Weaver owned the house in the picture for a long time and raised 4 daughters and a son there, his granddaddy was James Norman,and great grandfather was J.B. Norman Sr. One of the Norman brothers who helped settle Colquitt County, have many great memories of spending time at the house.

  9. My father, Harry Eugene Norman, was born and raised in this home in 1933.

  10. Diana

    Thanks for posting this information. I was just working near Norman Park and was wondering what the story was behind these two grand houses.

  11. I remember when Mrs. Baker lived in the one on the left side of the street going out of N.P. She would always leave halloween candy out on the porch for the trick or treaters, and we NEVER settled for just one piece of candy! Darrell Weaver lived across the street in the other house, or maybe his brother. Never heard about the tunnel though. Mr. Leonard Rogers was the last one I was aware of that lived in the house . It seems like the one on the left, Mrs. Bakers, seemed to be more elaborate, but was as well maintained over the years as the one across the street.

  12. Connie Kruger

    The person who might be able to help you with history of the twin houses is Norma Morris, whose mother was a Norman and grw up in one of the houses. Brian, your folks know Norma.

  13. Caleb Meister

    Thanks for the info. I have heard these stories before. My great-grandmother and her sisters were Newtons and lived in the old farm house on Newton road. They would ride, horse and buggy, to Norman Park and stop at the house in the photo because their aunt lived there. I remember hearing stories of them as little girls picking flowers from the garden and having tea with their aunt.

    drtrd- just a note for you: the correct style of the house would be Neo-Classical. it is a common misconception, but nearly every large house like this built in the south is Neo-Classical. If it has over sized columns only on the front entry you can bet it is Neo-classical.

  14. JUSTIN


  15. Dennis

    Don’t know who built it but do know the a story about it. There is another one exactly like it across the street. The two houses were owned by the Norman Brothers, ie Norman Park. They were twins or so the story goes. The houses were joined by a tunnel that ran beneath the road. The two brothers shared their slaves. The houses were built with separate hallways and passageways that the slaves used so they weren’t seen by guests. The tunnel under the street was used by the slaves that went back and forth from one house to the other. I know the man that lives in the one across the street. He was a friend of my mothers. I always thought that this would be an excellent project for “This Old House”. Not too far from here sits the first house with indoor plumbing. Not kidding.

  16. Caleb Meister

    Who built this? I am from Norman Park and have admired this house my whole life. I am currently majoring in Architecture at GT, and I have a major interest in historic preservation. I have been in contact with the owner trying to tour the house. So any information you have on the house like: builder, architect, year built I would like to know. Thanks.

  17. Your grandfather built this?! If so, I’d love to know more, Wes. I’ll make a better shot when the light is right…hard to do this place justice, it’s so grand…thanks, also, for your nice words on Thersic. I’ll get it linked into this site ASAP.

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