DeVaughn-Lewis House, 1906, Montezuma

Thanks to John Carroll for sharing this image of Captain DeVaughn, which is in the public domain.

Captain James Elijah DeVaughn (1840-1908) built this home for his second wife, schoolteacher Mary Elizabeth Porter. Captain DeVaughn was among the most prominent citizens of Macon County, not just for his service to the Confederacy, but for his vast land holdings and business interests. Besides his successful general merchandise business, he was also involved in the Montezuma Steamboat Company and the Montezuma & Flint River Steamboat Company in the late 1880s. This home was built near the end of his life. More biographical information about Captain DeVaughn can be found here. Minor Lewis bought the house in 1913 and lived here until 1935. Mr. Lewis was a financier who owned banks in Macon and Montezuma. He was also active in securing the Carnegie Library for Montezuma. After quite a few years in decline, I believe the house has a new owner who has plans for restoration.

National Register of Historic Places

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