Frederick-Wade House, Circa 1840, Marshallville

historic marshallville ga frederick wade house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2012

This important house was once the center of the community. Daniel Frederick moved to the area in 1832 from Orangeburg, South Carolina, and built this home as the focal point of a 1400-acre cotton plantation. In the 1850s, he sold off lots from the plantation that would become the nucleus of Marshallville. In 1928, Dr. John Daniel Wade purchased the home and moved it closer to town, where it stands today. When inherited by his son, Dr. John Donald Wade, the property was formally landscaped with Crepe Myrtles, Camellias, and an extensive arboretum. The second Dr. Wade was active in the Southern literary renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s, as well. The property is still beautifully maintained. It was documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey in the mid-1930s, from which the image below, in the public domain, was retrieved. HABS GA-146. Courtesy Library of Congress.

frederick wade house habs courtesy library of congress

West Main Residential District, National Register of Historic Places

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