Samuel Henry Rumph House, 1904, Marshallville

historic marshallville ga samuel henry rumph house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

The builder of this house, Samuel Henry Rumph, Sr., developed the Elberta peach and  is considered the father of the commercial peach industry in Georgia. He named the Elberta for his wife, Clara Elberta Moore Rumph. He also developed techniques considered integral to the safe shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Read more about him here.

West Main Residential District, National Register of Historic Places

5 thoughts on “Samuel Henry Rumph House, 1904, Marshallville

  1. Mark Phillips

    This was one of the most technically advanced houses in Ga. ( esp.rural GA) for the time…central heat, numerous bathrooms and an elevator! As well as being stunningly beautiful! Thanks for adding to Vanishing GA!,

  2. Frances Franklin

    Samuel Henry Rumph was my great great great grandfather. My grandmother was Lillian Rumph. Her mother and father was Preston Rumph Senior and Ella McGhee Rumph.

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  4. Terri Cheney

    This house has the most beautiful leaded glass windows. My husband and I went through Marshallville on a foggy night when the lights of the house were on. The light refracted through the fog and the street danced with prismatic colors.


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