Harmony Church, 1894, Richland

historic harmony baptist church richland ga photograph copyright chip reid vanishing south georgia usa 2011

This historic Baptist church was destroyed during a tornado on 1 March 2007. Its congregation dates to 1839. Many thanks to Chip Jones, director of Richland Better Hometown, for sharing the photograph and the history.

8 thoughts on “Harmony Church, 1894, Richland

  1. Billy S. Wilson, Jr.

    I would love to read a history of the beautiful Richland Methodist Church. My grandparents were members for years.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Billy- Here’s a brief history of Richland U.M.C. from the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church: This church is thought to have been constituted in 1834. Henry Audulf gave the land for the first church but there were no recorded deeds so on May 7, 1845, W. A. Scandrett paid Henry Audulf’s son, John, $100 for the land. The first building was constructed on half an acre north of Broad Street but it was destroyed by a tornado. The second building was also destroyed by a tornado. Written records begin in 1888, when the present Methodist church was established. Richland is first seen in the conference minutes in 1891. Services were conducted in the school building until a church was built north of the present business section. The sanctuary was used until 1912. Under the pastorate of Rev. J. H. Allen, a new lot was purchased on the corner of Phillips St. and Hamilton Ave and the present sanctuary was constructed.

  2. Erbie James

    When I saw this post, I thought of Harmony Methodist Church, just a ways north of Glennville off US301. My Aunt’s father is buried there, and his grave is marked by a very unusual stone: it’s shaped like a barrel, since he was a barrel maker. He was a Dowdy, but I don’t remember his first name. My Aunt said it was made of imported Italian marble.

    1. drtrd Post author

      I will try to find that grave today, Erbie, as I’ll be in Glennville for the Sweet Onion Festival! Sounds very unusual…

      1. Erbie James

        Wonderful! The church is on Harmony Church Road, west of 301. I’m not sure about the name; it was many years ago that my Aunt took me there. The grave is on the side of the cemetery closest to the church. I love your work!

    1. Chip

      It was Baptist. This structure was built in 1894. The congregation was founded in 1839. The last living member passed away this year.


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