Neighbors Mural, 2000, Colquitt

This mural was created by artist Wes Hardin. It’s entitled “Neighbors”.

Colquitt Town Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Neighbors Mural, 2000, Colquitt

  1. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    A number three wash tub filled with water was a familiar thing in my family. We often used them to take baths as children. Mama or Daddy would draw the water early and allow it to sit in the sun all day. By late afternoon on a warm day, the water was inviting. South Georgia kids were creative when it came to taking a bath. Once I decided that I was too old to sit in a tub and embarked on a project to build my own personal outdoor shower under a large Water Oak in the backyard. I found an old number two wash tub and got permission from Mama to make holes in its bottom with an ice pick. I hung it in the oak tree. I filled another tub with water and allowed it to warm. When bath time came I poured portions of the water into the tub with holes and hurriedly took my bath. It was a quick bath for the water drained out pretty quickly, but the thing worked better than sitting in a tub.
    There were seven kids and two older half brothers in my family. When well water was scarce, Mama always explained to us how to bathe ourselves using a wash rag(cloth) and a pan of water. She told us: ” Wash with the rag, soap and water, your head and down as far as possible, then wash your feet and up as far as possible, and then wash “possible.” We understood her meaning. These old methods have vanished and today most young folk would be shocked to know the ways of their grandparents.
    Brian, your pictures on this site helps keep alive the old ways, though they are slowly slipping away.

  2. Mike

    This brings back memories of sitting in a wash tub during hot summer days as a child. It good seeing everyday life enshrined on a mural.


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