Jones Commissary & Warehouses, Colquitt

This group of structures on the edge of Colquitt was a mystery to me for many years. Thanks to Katrina Acton, who wrote on our Facebook page: I was raised in Colquitt, Georgia. This was the old store that belonged to Mr. Harry Jones…It was a store where the families who share-cropped for him could get groceries and supplies. The shelters could be used for horses, mules, wagons, farm equipment. I spent many days at this store with his grandson…who we called “pistol ball”. Mr Harry’s wife was Esther Fudge Jones.

The shotgun style commissary likely dates to the 1930s.

There are several warehouses/barns on the property.

This was the 3,000th post on Vanishing South Georgia, and it represented an important milestone for me. After beginning the project in 2006 and the website in 2008, I traveled to every county in the southern half of Georgia. (As of 2016 I’m still shooting everything I can find). Vanishing South Georgia has forced me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings, and daily interactions with those who share the same passion for preserving our heritage reinforces my resolve to continue the work.



22 thoughts on “Jones Commissary & Warehouses, Colquitt

  1. Scott Croft

    My dad Marvin L Croft son of Byron and Martha Croft was from Berlin. Grandpa would send us to the store for his RC Cola and a moon pie. Sure do miss those days.

  2. Kelsea Grimes

    Raised in Colquitt with my roots going back further than a century, I couldn’t be more proud you took these photos. I am a younger generation daughter of the south at only 19, but all these photographs are fond memories. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to grow up. My grandfather farmed 50 crops before retiring and our farm and its history is something I cherish above all else.


  3. Jesse Bookhardt

    As a son of South Georgia, I too join the crowd to thank you and wish you continued success with “Vanishing South Georgia.” Don’t forget to visit the Ocmulgee at Lumber City and take a picture of the old iron railroad rotating bridge.
    Jesse Bookhardt
    Son of Jeff Davis County

  4. Roger Cook

    I enjoy seeing your pictures of things that will soon only be a memory in the minds of the elderly generation. I grew up in Colquitt, Ga. and there are so many things that are gone now from when I was a lad growing up. Thanks for the memories !!

  5. SAnn

    I wish to thank you, for all the hard work and love, you have put in to this project.
    I loved growing up in Turner County and I loved the small towns all around that area, so , my thanks to you for the wonderful job you have done through Vanishing South Georgia.
    Best Wishes to you.

  6. Noelle Cowart

    Keep up the good work. I like traveling with you with each picture you send.

    Thanks again for your work.

    Noelle Cowart
    Darien, GA

  7. David Mccrimmon

    Brian, I love what you are doing. I am saddened to realize that these old places are going away. I too, am a son of South Georgia and I grew up with these places all around me . Keep up the great work.

    1. drtrd Post author

      Thanks, David! It makes me sad, too, so that’s why I’m out with the camera as often as possible. Much of what I photographed in the earliest days of the site has already been lost…

  8. Fred Gleaton

    Brian: Your efforts are most appreciated. Sometimes, as a subscriber, I get overwhelmed with the incoming e-mails and forget to look, but whenever I try to catch up, I remember how much I enjoy the photos. I wish I had some of them for my own!

  9. JasonM

    Great Job. While driving the other day from Statesboro to Norman Park, GA. I was thinking about your site. I wasn’t able to stop and capture any images, but I saw tons of Images that I knew you would love. Thanks for being an inspiration. We should get together for a cup of coffee some day..

    1. drtrd Post author

      Thanks, Jason…inspiring others is the best reward! Glad you enjoy the site. Coffee sounds great; where exactly are you located? Either find me on Facebook (wbrianbrown) or send me an email and we’ll iron out the particulars…

  10. bkhuna

    I would like to thank you for your work. It has inspired me to hit the back roads of South Georgia in order to see first hand some of the wonderful places you’ve introduced to me.

    I’ve had some wonderful times and met some great folks because of it. Many thanks to you…

    1. drtrd Post author

      I should have included everyone, but you know you’re at least a distant cousin LOL! Thanks for all your interest and promotion of my work, Terry. Architecture Tourist is a fascinating site to me, too.

  11. Jim Cottingham


    Congratulations — this is quite an accomplishment and it speaks volumes about your dedication to chronicling both the common and the spectacular resources of this region.

  12. Josh Sheffield

    Congratulations! Just think how many actual pictures you have taken to get to 3000 posts!! An each worth a thousand words…let’s see 3000 times 1000….oh shoot I can’t cypher that high!!

  13. Pam

    Brian, I think what you’ve done here is quite remarkable – a body of work to be proud of. I’ve been in awe of Vanishing South George ever since I ever ran across the site, and your obsession is a gift to all of us. Best, Pam


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