First National Bank Building, 1910, Vidalia

W. D. Donovan, the first president of the First National Bank, built this structure using the design of Ivey P. Crutchfield. By the late 1920s or early 1930s, First National moved to a different location and this served as Darby Bank for a time.

Vidalia Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

6 thoughts on “First National Bank Building, 1910, Vidalia

  1. Happy Grits

    I remember how much destruction the vibration of the trains caused to the stairs of this building. That renovation is going to be expensive. Is it finished? Would love to tour it.

  2. Sharon Sims

    I believe I have one of the original money bags from this bank. I’m going to list in on eBay in hopes someone associated with the restoration will see it.

    1. Jennifer Gregory

      This building has been purchased and in the process of restoring. It is beautiful and amazing building. It needs a historical marker.


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