Masonic Hall & Darby Bank Building, Circa 1916, Vidalia

The first two businesses to occupy the lower flowers of this building were a pharmacy and doctor’s office. First National Bank located here in 1926 and upon their departure around 1931, the Darby Bank moved in and remained until 1973. The Masonic Lodge was located on the third floor from the 1910s until they relocated in the 1980s.

Vidalia Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “Masonic Hall & Darby Bank Building, Circa 1916, Vidalia

  1. Olivia Williamson Braddy

    The law office of Albert Clopton Saffold was located on the second floor, as told to me by a descendant. Mr. Saffold died in 1935 in the street (presentday 280) when a car hit the horse he was riding.

  2. Happy Grits

    Oh, my! The lower part of this building became a gift store with a small restaurant in the back. My granddaughter had a birthday gathering there. There were so many specials functions there, the owners were very involved with the Downtown Association’s events.

  3. Barbara Fountain

    I do wish you had more pics of Vidalia, Tripp’s HighSchool.Methodist Church. Is Pal Theatre still theredowntown near Pharmacy, Oliver’s Drugstore

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Barbara- I’m not too far from Vidalia and will try to photograph those places next time I’m there. I’m not sure if the Pal is still there but very well could be.


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