Robert Alston House, Circa 1817, Sparta

Robert West Alston built this grand home around 1817. It was originally a simply vernacular form, facing Short Street, but was remodeled shortly before the Civil War by Captain Richard Bolling Baxter, with the present porch added to face Maiden Lane. J. H.  Burnet bought the house around 1830. Charles Whitehead and the Robert Wiley family have been some of the home’s other owners. It’s commonly known as the Alston-Wiley House.

Sparta Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

3 thoughts on “Robert Alston House, Circa 1817, Sparta

  1. William Dillon

    Apparently, my ancestor Gov. William Hawkins of N.C., died there while visiting. I have to find his grave. More research is in order. I live in Columbus, GA. His uncle was Benjamin Hawkins, Indian agent.

    1. Deryl Weaver

      Do you have any information regarding your ancestor’s burial in the Sparta Cemetry? Would you know where in the cemetery? Was anything written about the William Hawkins death or burial? Thank you.


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