Old Mercer Chapel, 1846, Penfield

Penfield was named for Savannah silversmith Josiah Penfield, who in 1829 bequeathed $2500 to the Georgia Baptist Convention for the advancement of education. Mercer University was established here in 1833 as the Mercer Institute, named for the Reverend Jesse Mercer. The chapel was designed by David Demarest, who was also responsible for the Greene County Courthouse. After the Civil War, Mercer University relocated to Macon and the chapel was given to the congregation of Penfield Baptist Church. Their original home had been destroyed by a tornado. Today, Old Mercer Chapel is among the most revered churches among Georgia’s Baptists and is one of the best Greek Revival churches in the state.

Penfield Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Old Mercer Chapel, 1846, Penfield

  1. Arlette Copeland

    Hello, are you still on this site? I work in the archives at Mercer University and would like to know more about this house which was the girls’ academy dormitory. Thanks! — Arlette Copeland

  2. sunbabe13

    Thanks for visiting Penfield! my mom owns a house just down the road from there that she tells me was the girls dormitory for Mercer back in the day. She grew up in that house.


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