Thomas J. Smith House, 1820s, Monticello

This house was built by Thomas Jefferson Smith, presumably in the late 1820s, and was moved from Hillsboro to this location near the courthouse square after his marriage to Nancy Pierce Broddus in 1830. Mr. Smith also operated a large plantation outside town but kept this as a townhouse so his sons could attend the local academy. Smith also built the first three stores in Monticello. He sold the house to Milton S. Benton circa 1890. The Victorian ornamentation was added around the time the house was sold. Mrs. M. S. Benton held the organizational meeting of the Monticello Garden Club [thought to be the second oldest in the nation] here in May 1896.

The house was moved circa 2020.

Monticello Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Thomas J. Smith House, 1820s, Monticello

  1. Robert B Currey

    Really enjoy the posts to this site. The only problem I have is that you are creating house envy in me with your efforts. Other than this uncomfortable feeling I would like to thank you for what you are doing.


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