L. M. Heard House, 1909, Elberton

Built by architect William Wallis for Luther Martin Heard and featuring a Ludowici tile roof, this is one of Elberton’s grandest homes. It’s still owned by a descendant of Mr. Heard.

Elberton Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “L. M. Heard House, 1909, Elberton

  1. Sarah Heard

    Susan, I just moved to Georgia, but my dad’s family is from Georgia, we are Heards too, so exciting learning about our family’s history!

  2. Susan Watson

    Brian, the Heard house is owned by my cousin who currently lives in Watkinsville. In my early teens (1954-56), I spent several summers here with my Aunt Estelle, Uncle Lat, and their two children Telle and Latimer At that time, Uncle Lat’s mother, Mrs Mamie (Latimer) Heard, was still alive, although quite elderly. The Heard and Latimer (S.C.)families have a long, distinguished history in the politics of the Southern states


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