Dr. John S. Pemberton House, 1840, Columbus

Dr. John Stith Pemberton, known worldwide as the inventor of Coca-Cola, was born on 8 July 1831 in Knoxville, Georgia, and raised in Rome. Soon after he received his pharmacy license he married Eliza Crawford Lewis and the couple moved to Columbus. They lived in this house from 1855-1860. I’m unsure if the Greek Revival details are original or a later addition. Wounded in the Battle of Columbus in 1865, Dr. Pemberton in an attempt to alleviate pain became addicted to morphine. In his search for a cure to his addiction came the genesis of Coca-Cola, which Coca-Cola historian Phil Mooney asserts was invented in Columbus, not Atlanta as most assume. The Coca-Cola Company’s website, however, doesn’t concur.

Either way, Dr. Pemberton sold the formula soon after he invented it. He died on 16 August 1888 in Atlanta and was returned to Columbus for burial.

Dr. John Stith Pemberton Columbus GA Inventor of Coca Cola Public Domain Image
Dr. John Stith Pemberton – Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

National Register of Historic Places

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