Union County Courthouse, 1899, Blairsville

Designed by Golucke & Stewart, this Romanesque courthouse served Union County until it was condemned in 1971. Temporary facilities were used until a replacement was built in 1976. Since restoration, it has served as home of the Union County Historical Society.

National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Union County Courthouse, 1899, Blairsville

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  2. Ben Dooley

    As luck would have it I just spent 2 nights in a mountain cabin north of Blairsville. This morning, heading back to Atlanta, as I came into town on the road directly north of the town and saw this courthouse looming before me I noticed an interesting original construction error which is barely visible on your photo. The gable on the left was built with the left slope steeper than the right which puts the peak of the gable decidedly off center to the left from the gable vent below. The right gable is perfectly symmetrical. As an architect I tend to notice such tiny details but suspect very few others who see the building every day have. It is a grand old structure…thanks for bringing it to your readers.


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