Morgan Indoor Tennis Center, 1930, Jekyll Island

By the early 1900s, tennis had eclipsed hunting as the primary leisure pursuit among members of the Jekyll Island Club. In 1930 this shingle-sided facility was completed and named in honor of Club president J. P. Morgan, Jr. A renovation was completed in 1986 but a public-private partnership between the Jekyll Island Authority and the Jekyll Island Club Hotel led to its full restoration as a conference center in the mid-2010s.

Jekyll Island Historic District, National Register of Historic Places + National Historic Landmark

1 thought on “Morgan Indoor Tennis Center, 1930, Jekyll Island

  1. bribling

    Thank you for today’s photos of Jekyll Island! I have been there many times and have walked the bike path a few times. Some of these buildings I do not recall having seen but it has now been years since I was there. In the 60s and 70s, I enjoyed visiting the Tennis courts which were open for viewing and were “paved” with clay. My Aunt collected a small vial of the clay which she displayed in her china cabinet at home in Texas. My Mother and I collected shells on the beach and my dad enjoyed taking photos of the cottages. It was always a joy to visit.


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