S. E. Groover House, 1850s, Bulloch County

Also known as the Groover-Akins House, this was likely built as a Plantation Plain in the 1850s and later modified. Joe Akins was a later owner of the house. Thanks to Kenneth Dixon for the identification.


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4 responses to “S. E. Groover House, 1850s, Bulloch County

  1. Edwin Akins

    The widow of Uncle Joe Akins died Thursday, March 18, 2021. Mrs. Jewel Edith (Stewart) Waters Akins was buried along side her husband, Joe, at the Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery located on Mud Road near Denmark, Bulloch County, GA.

  2. Edwin Akins

    I am well familiar with this house as I was born and raised in the next house west on Mud Road. Uncle Joe lived there during that time and I spent many happy days there with Uncle Joe and Aunt Loraine, his first wife. They had no children so I was somewhat special. This is a grand old house that has been remodeled with the long back porch, and the kitchen/dining rooms removed. The entire Akins families spent many hours on the long back porch shelling corn and peanut seeds for planting. Later in the fall, we all enjoyed the first peanut boiling with sweet, iced tea. The house is vacant (2021) and owned by Uncle Joe’s daughter, my first cousin. With so many memories, I hate to see this house continue to deteriorate without the needed care and upkeep. For info, the Groover Cemetery was located in front across Mud Road in a present day field before the grave contents were relocated to Old Fellowship Baptist Church on US 80 at the intersection of Mud Road, East, in 1950, near Stilson GA.

  3. Shannon Browning-Mullis

    Hi Edwin,

    This home is amazing. We’re considering moving to Bulloch Co., and would love to save a historic home. Could you give us any additional information? Would the family consider selling? My email address is sbrowningmullis@gmail.com.


  4. Edwin

    This home was purchased by my grandfather in 1908 when he purchased 1,200 acres from the Groover family. His youngest son, Josiah Brinson Akins,”Joe” lived there until his death in 1987. His widow continued there until she moved into a mobile home next door. The house is now vacant.

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