Fire House, 1884, & Masonic Lodge, 1895, Darien

Best known as City Hall today, this was originally built as a single-story engine house for the Board of Fire Commissioners in 1884. A second floor was added in 1895 for use by the McIntosh Dragoons and the Masons. Remodeled as a service center by Mrs. Talbot Smith in 1944, it was home to the USO during World War II. Since then it has been used by the police and fire departments and the second floor was used as the public library until the construction of a more modern facility on U. S. 17.

Vernon Square-Columbus Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

3 thoughts on “Fire House, 1884, & Masonic Lodge, 1895, Darien

  1. BB&Y

    Hi there, have you seen and heard the story of the Masonic Lodge of Rome, Ga? I realize its not a coastal location but it is seriously interresting.

  2. Neil Robinson

    Brian, do you have any photographs of the McDonald cemetery in Darien? I have ancestors buried there and I don’t know it is.
    Neil Robinson



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