Dart House, Circa 1900, Brunswick

I recently heard from Brunswick’s Planning Director, Bren Daiss, that this house was slated for demolition. She stated optimistically that the present owners would work with anyone who could move it to another location. Noting its connection to the Dart family, she was unclear as to which Dart resided here. The Darts resided in the vicinity of Dart Creek (Marshes of Glynn Park) from at least the mid-19th century onward and owned much of the land in this vicinity. An early-20th-century subdivision here was known as Dartmoor.

It last served as Dr. Hornbuckle’s veterinary office.

The Circa 1900 date for the house is a generalization made by the city; property records are spotty and suggest it was built between 1891-1920. Further research is needed.

2 thoughts on “Dart House, Circa 1900, Brunswick

  1. crossbow3503

    The Dart house had a creek next to it that ran into Brunswick next to Lanier’s Oak. It was filled in I recall a discussion it came in and turned north into Lanier Plaza.

  2. Caroline D Banks

    I have many fond memories of taking my animals to Dr. Hornbuckle. It would take an awful lot to make it into a home again, but it’s a really cute house! The worst thing was tearing down the big Dart house a few years ago. Really!


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