Stone House Complex, Cuthbert

I’ve had a number of potential identifications for this house and restaurant but there is no consensus yet. I think it deserves documentation as an art environment, whatever it was. [NOTE: I’m still trying to confirm all of this information, so it may change at any time.]

The complex consists of two structures. The primary structure appears to be a house, which looks relatively simple from the front.

Its layout is quite whimsical, though. There are numerous rock houses and structures created by visionary and self-taught artist architects throughout the United States, most focused on religious or spiritual themes. This one appears to simply be one man’s personal vision. I’m not sure if the house and restaurant were built at the same time.

The second structure is sided with a mixture of limestone and cinderblock. Mac Moye notes that it was a restaurant for decades and that there are/were several similar limestone structures scattered around Randolph County.

It’s connected to the house by a series of arches, constructed of brick and limestone.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the restaurant structure are the two willow trees/trees of life surrounding the windows.

The property appears to be in relatively good condition but should be recognized in order to preserve it as an art environment and community landmark.


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5 responses to “Stone House Complex, Cuthbert

  1. Timothy D McDaniel

    It was part of the black community retail store. Black folks had businesses in their communities. Sadly Cuthbert tears down the city has been 85% destroyed by the older generation.

  2. Timothy D McDaniel

    I believe that the structure was one the retail stores in the black communitie. After the war the black communities had business and traded in their own communities.

  3. Heide Fischer Hansen

    Most of the big, beautiful homes were moved to neighboring towns. So sad that such beauty was moved for the almighty dollar.

  4. Betsey Chastain

    Love your photos but especially this week as I grew up in cuthbert and spent so much time in Dawson. Glad my small hometown is being recognized for the beautiful old homes there. Sadly not much money there to restore them. I will try to find info on rock house

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