Saltbox House, 1810s, Putnam County

Anne Chamlee writes: This may have been the house of Richmond Terrell, built before 1820… She also notes that she was unable to get a better photograph as there were renters in the house at the time and she didn’t feel it was safe to spend more time there. Anne was particularly interested in this house as her mother was a Terrell, from a branch of the family that first came to Wilkes County in 1784 and spread out over the state afterward. I’ve assigned it a date of the 1810s, but it may be earlier. Its present status is unknown.

1 thought on “Saltbox House, 1810s, Putnam County

  1. Kent

    Thank you all for your endeavors. These are my favorite & first opened of any & all notices I receive by choice. I’m just turned 70, a carpenter, cabinetmaker, & lover of all history especially local, & concerning structures. Thanks again. I always assumed there might be a family connection to Brown’s guide to Georgia?! If it’s coincidence it doesn’t matter. Keep up the great quest for knowledge of the vanishing!!!!

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