Major Edward White House, Circa 1806, Milledgeville

This house is believed to be the oldest in Milledgeville. It was built circa 1806 for Major Edward White (1758-9 January 1812), a Massachusetts native who served as Adjutant to the Marquis de Lafayette during the Yorktown campaign. Major White’s wife, Mildred Scott Stubbs (28 September 1775-23 July 1825), was the niece of General John Scott, who built the state capitol in the newly established seat of state government. Upon the death of Major White, his son, Dr. Benjamin Aspinwall White (2 January 1793-11 April 1866), inherited the home. Dr. White served as mayor of Milledgeville in 1840 and Surgeon General of the Georgia State Troops during the Civil War. He was also a founding member of the board of the Georgia Lunatic Asylum.

The house was originally located on West Greene Street and was moved in the late 19th century to its present location. It maintains much of its historic integrity.

Milledgeville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “Major Edward White House, Circa 1806, Milledgeville

  1. Anonymous

    Benjamin White was the friend and confidant of my g-g-g-grandfather, James Barrow, Revolutionary Soldier himself. His son, David Crenshaw Barrow, was orphaned at a young age and had many adventures during his education at Phillips Andover and at Harvard before “self-deporting” back to Georgia in 1834. At the time, DCB was the ward of a Mr. Stubbs, no doubt related to Benj. White’s mother. Unlike his aged parent, DCB had 6 sons and 3 daughters, but only 2 of his sons survived him, one a politician (my g-g-grandfather, U.S. Senator Middleton Pope Barrow, the other an educator, DCB Jr., for whom the county is named (at the time the only living Georgian to have a county named after him). One of the brothers who died young had been named after his father’s good friend, Benjamin White Barrow.



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