Jenkins Hill, Circa 1830s, Putnam County

This outstanding Greek Revival I-House [Plantation Plain] is located on the outskirts of Eatonton. Other than a name, information about the house is scarce. There are 9 /9 and 9/6 windows, an indicator of a much earlier date than 1875-1885, which is cited in real estate and survey listings. That date range may be when the rear addition was completed. I believe it to be 1830s at the latest, with a distinct possibility it may date as far back as the 1810s. Whatever the story, it’s one of the most important surviving houses in Putnam County, in my opinion.

5 thoughts on “Jenkins Hill, Circa 1830s, Putnam County

  1. Rebekah Coker

    You are correct about the date ranges. This home and farm has been owned by one Putnam County family since it was built. There is lots of history in this home! The family that owns it love to give its history. Brian should get in contact with the owners to get all the details.

  2. ben dooley

    I agree about the date Brian. I would bet the farm this great old house started out as a classic Plantation Plain Style in the first third of the 19th century.


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