Eclectic Neoclassical House, Quitman

The overall effect of this house is Neoclassical, yet it’s slightly asymmetrical [note the roof line]. This may be the result of a remodel. It’s still a great house and I really like the recessed porches.

Quitman Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


6 thoughts on “Eclectic Neoclassical House, Quitman

  1. Suz-Anne Midgett

    The city referred me to the museum for info, and there is allegedly a historical society here. Let us know what you discover!

      1. Martine Lawver

        I was just wondering because it’s actually my house. We bought it in 2021. We haven’t been able to find out much.

      2. Brian Brown Post author

        Oh, that’s amazing. I’m sure you’re enjoying the house. I believe it must have been remodeled. It has obviously always been a big house, but I somehow think that the columns, and possible the porches, are from a remodel. Do you know James Horton? I don’t have contact information for him, but he’s very knowledgeable about Quitman’s historic architecture from his work and background as a preservationist. (I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing his name, but anyone in Quitman can probably get you in touch with him.) Please let us know when you learn more.

      3. Martine Lawver

        No I do not know James Horton. We went to the museum here in town. It was pretty neat but there wasn’t much information on our house. We did find that is was built in 1867 by Clayton Groover. The columns were added in 1915 and I believe came from The Bank of Quitman. Thanks for the name. We will have to contact him.

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