Susan Moore House, Circa 1900, Tifton

This eclectic house, also known as the Cole House, has Classical and Greek Revival intentions, it seems, but is an unusual take on those forms. Its date of construction ranges, depending on source, from 1900 to 1908. It is associated with Susan Lane Tillman Moore (1867-1951), a Madison County, Florida, native who was the first woman elected by popular vote to the Georgia State Senate. She served two non-concurrent terms (1933-1934 and 1939-1940). She was also a delegate at the Democratic National Conventions of 1924 and 1932, and a member and vice-chair of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (1941-1942). She resided at this house until her death on 5 May 5 1951.


1 thought on “Susan Moore House, Circa 1900, Tifton

  1. Sharon

    Unusual architectural style, although impressive, but I imagine the interior is dark because of small windows and eave overhang. That may make it easier to heat and cool.


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