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Bold Springs United Methodist Church, 1874, Grady County

Bold Springs has been called the “Mother of Methodism in Grady County”. The South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church notes: Founded in 1863 by Reverend Robert B. McCord from Walton County, Georgia, Bold Springs United Methodist Church was born in Thomas County, though it is in Grady County as of 2017. “He brought his family, a few slaves, and a love for his church,” reported his youngest son who passed the story down to a grandson. Both the son and the grandson, J. D. McCord, became ministers.

The eldest McCord quickly settled in and looked for a site to build a church. He found a good spring on J. T. Drew’s property about two miles east of the McCord’s home and the Drews deeded four acres to the church. Sometime later, the church built a parsonage on fifty acres deeded by Mr. McCord to the church and the first minister, Rev. P. C. Harris, moved in.

In the 1930s, Miss Bessie Miller urged the church to build a community house. The Woman’s Society of Christian Service raised the money to complete the building and porches.

Once boasting as many as 400 members, the congregation is considerably smaller today, but remains active.


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Piedmont Primitive Baptist Church, Calvary


This historic congregation was established on 28 August 1828.

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Reno Tabernacle, Grady County


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Bethel United Methodist Church, Circa 1885, Reno


Organized in 1882, Bethel was given three acres on this location in 1885 by Josh Merritt and this church was built soon thereafter. A cemetery was begun before construction of the church and Jonathan Merritt was the first burial.

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Bryant Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, 1964, Reno


This congregation was organized in 1905 as an African Methodist Episcopal church. The present building was constructed in 1964.

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Whigham Baptist Church

historic whigham baptist church photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


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