P. D. Fulwood House, 1914, Tifton

In 1985, the former residence of Paul D. (P.D.) and Ruth Vickers Fulwood became home to the Tifton Council of Garden Clubs. Now known as the Fulwood Garden Center, it is used for garden club meetings and as a public event venue. The Fulwood family are among Tifton’s earliest settlers and have long been patrons of the arts and cultural life in the community. P. D. Fulwood was a pioneer in diverse vegetable production in Tift County, where it remains an important component of the local economy.

Tifton Residential Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


4 thoughts on “P. D. Fulwood House, 1914, Tifton

      1. ben dooley

        Brian take a look at the ”McDonough/Adams/Kings Highway Historic District” web site (nak-decatur.org). They have all 6 or 7 of the Leila Ross Wilburn’s pattern books of designs which she published from about 1910 all the way into the 50’s. The site also has pictures of LRW homes in the district with a reference to the page where it can be found in one of her books. One of the houses, while not identical, is very similar to this Tifton house. She was prolific and had a very long career!

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