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Tornado Damage & Cleanup, Mystic

On 17 December 2019 around 11:45 AM, an EF-2 tornado touched down near Mystic, with sustained winds up to 125 mph. It traveled northeast from Mystic into Ben Hill County, doing significant damage on Old Whitley Road, Vo-Tech Drive, Lake Beatrice and Pine Level Church Road.

The damage in Mystic was concentrated around the campus of the old Mystic High School (later known as Irwin Academy and Grace Christian Academy), which has recently been serving as a church.

The main building is still standing but sustained serious damage, especially to the roof. Hopefully, it can be saved.

Other structures on the property didn’t fare as well and will likely have to be razed.

Most of the focus now is on cleanup and an amazing amount of work has been done in the week since the tornado.


Gable Front Farmhouse, Wayne County

South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018

Altamaha River Floodplain, Long County

Five days after the storm, snow remains in shady spots, like this swamp in the Altamaha floodplain.

South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018



Henry Walcott Road, Long County

South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018

Parker Cabin & Commissary, Wefanie

While I was out photographing with Mike McCall today, we ran into Jimmy Parker, who noted that he was born in this cabin and restored it in recent years.

This commissary was part of the family’s timber and turpentine operations and was at its busiest during World War II.

South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018


Cato House, Ludowici

South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018



South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018

On 3 January 2018, Winter Storm Grayson dumped snow all over Southeast Georgia, transforming the region into a winter wonderland.

As snow goes, it may not seem like much, but many locales received their first measurable snowfall in nearly 30 years.

Snow plows and sand trucks are rarely seen in these parts.

The snow was nicest in the woods.

Because of the novelty of this kind of weather in our part of the world, people were out enjoying it throughout the day.


Mary McQueen House, Ludowici

ludowici ga mcqueen house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Mary McQueen was the daughter of Allen Johnston. A railroad station first designated as “Four and a Half” was established near Johnston’s plantation. The small community which grew up around it came to be known as Johnston Station, the forerunner of modern Ludowici. Mrs. McQueen was perhaps the greatest benefactor and patron of the arts in Ludowici’s early days, most notably donating the land in front of this house for the construction of the Ludowici Well Pavilion. Today, the pavilion is the emblem of Ludowici and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. More information about the history of the area can be found here.

This view was made after the South Georgia Snowstorm of 2018.

Hughes House, Circa 1853, Long County

Joseph W Hughes Sr House Long County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Built by Joseph W. Hughes, Sr., before the Civil War, this is one of Long County’s oldest and most historic houses.

The day after the South Georgia Snowstorm of 2018.