Brooks County Courthouse, 1864, Quitman

Though the Brooks County Courthouse is generally noted as having been built in 1859, that date is misleading. Construction began that year, but due to the Civil War and the death of contractor Charles H. Remington in 1862, the courthouse was not completed until 1864. It was extensively remodeled in 1892 by the firm of Bruce & Morgan, in the Italian Renaissance Revival style.

National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Brooks County Courthouse, 1864, Quitman

  1. bribling

    This is one of my favorite courthouses, just beautiful. It was renoved not too long ago and an elevator was added. The courthouse was featured in a Bette Davis movie, “As Summers Die”, in 1986. Bette’s co-stars in the film were Scott Glenn and Jamie Lee Curtis.

  2. Rebecca Wind

    The architect for this was my great-great-grandfather, John Wind. He was also the architect for the Thomas County courthouse as well as several plantation homes in the area.


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