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General Store, 1899, Rayle

This historic store building has been leaning for a long time, according to comments from residents of the area. It appears to be losing the battle with gravity, though.


Rock United Methodist Church, 1870, Wilkes County

Rock Methodist Church was established in 1839 about three miles from the present location with Alfred T. Mann as the first pastor. The congregation erected a substantial structure in the year of organization, according to archival records of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. It featured a slave gallery and the history notes that after Emancipation, some slaves still attended for a time. One in particular, Steve Willis, was fondly remembered for tying the horse before services and for making coffee when dinners on the ground were held. The present church was erected in 1870; it’s unclear why they relocated, but it’s possible that they gave the old church to the black members who formed a new congregation.

Washington Wholesale Grocer, 1905

Though it may have been associated with other businesses over the years, I’m guessing this is best remembered by the company whose name is on this ghost mural, Washington Wholesale Grocer.

Washington Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Commercial Row, Circa 1910, Washington

This commercial row on Depot Street is a great example of turn-of-the-century retail architecture and appears to have been abandoned for many years.

Washington Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Barrows House Hotel, 1898, Washington

This unusual structure was built by Edward F. Barrows in 1898 and opened as the Barrows House Hotel in 1898. It may have been known as the Hotel Cofer in the 1920s. I’ve not been able to locate anything about its history otherwise.

Washington Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Dr. Willie Hill House, 1903, Washington

East Robert Toombs Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Rider House, 1885, Washington

This whimsical Queen Anne cottage is presently home to the Washington News-Reporter.


Old Wilkes County Jail, 1891, Washington

This Romanesque Revival jail, architecturally unique in Georgia, was used until 1911 and was abandoned for a time, later being subdivided into apartments. It was designed and built by McDonald Brothers Jail Building Company of Louisville, Kentucky. The jail cells have long been removed and the privately owned structure is presently for sale..

National Register of Historic Places

The Cedars, 1793, 1803 & 1883, Washington

The appearance of this landmark, one of the most iconic houses in Washington, has been altered considerably since the original section was completed by Anthony Poullain circa 1793. It was purchased in 1803 by Savannah merchant John Bolton, who significantly enlarged it for use as a summer retreat. Robert Sims added the Victorian details responsible for its present appearance in 1883. It is currently for sale and was recently listed by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation as a Place in Peril.

National Register of Historic Places

Colley-Barksdale-Thomas House, Circa 1838, Washington

Built by Francis Colley for his son, Henry F. Colley and his wife Isabella Harris Colley, this home stayed in the same family until 2005. Captain Henry F. Colley was killed in action in the Civil War in 1862.

East Robert Toombs Historic District, National Register of Historic Places