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Dovecote, Baldwin County

Anne Chamlee notes that this dovecote stood on the site of an historic house that burned. She photographed it in 1990 and it’s now gone, as well.

Eclectic Victorian House & Dovecote, Jeffersonville

This property, typical of the turn of the last century, also features an original dovecote.

Mason House, Circa 1870s, Homer

I believe this house was built by William Benjamin Mason (1852-1913), a dry goods merchant in Homer, who came to Banks County from Pickens County, South Carolina, as a young man. I’ve seen it referred to as the Moss Mason House, as well; this could be due to the fact that a son of William Benjamin Mason, Dick Moss Mason (1878-1964) was a longtime resident here. The Plantation Plain architecture, popular in rural Georgia in the antebellum era, was also common in the decade after the Civil War and would suggest a likely construction date in the 1870s.

This house seems to be in danger of being lost without stabilization. An original dovecote also survives on the property.

Homer Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Farmhouse & Dovecote, Washington County


Located near Warthen, this eclectic farmhouse is maintained in beautiful condition. The dovecote is an amazing survivor. I’m not sure if the cistern on top is for holding water or an automatic feeder.