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St. James C. M. E. Church (Circa 1915) & Schoolhouse, Washington County

This historic Christian Methodist Episcopal congregation likely dates to the late 19th century. An architectural survey dates the church building to circa 1915. A cemetery is also located on the property.

Down a short lane from the chapel stands this one-room schoolhouse, typical of church-associated African-American communities in Georgia from the late-19th to the mid-20th century. This structure probably dates from 1910-1930.


Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, Washington County

This farmhouse is an important variation of a common form. It features an angled or corner porch. It’s possible I’ve seen one or two with this form in my years of documenting rural Georgia, but I can’t recall another example at the moment.

Central Hallway Farmhouse, Washington County

This house likely dates to the late 19th or early 20th century.

Victorian House, Circa 1880, Sandersville

Undocumented Building, Peacocks Crossing

I believe this building was recently exposed by a property cleanup, as I’ve been through this area numerous times and have never seen it before. The massing of the structure is a bit unusual, leading me to conclude it was likely not a house.

Commissary, Washington County

This structure is located across the highway from the house in the previous post. I would have included it with that post, but I’m not sure if it’s part of the same farm. I’ve preliminarily identified it as a commissary, since it has windows, but I can’t confirm. It’s a great little building, whatever its past purpose.

Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Washington County

This beautiful home commands a nice view of the surrounding farmland from its promontory along a busy highway north of Sandersville. Records I’ve located date it to 1910, but I think it’s probably an earlier central hallway form, later updated with the Queen Anne dormers and the exposed rafters. Several historic barns are well-maintained on the property, as well.


Corn Crib, Washington County

Anne Chamlee made this photograph just south of Oconee in March 1991. She shares my fascination with old log structures.

Abandoned Queen Anne House, Washington County

Anne Chamlee photographed this house in March 1991. She believes it was in Washington County but if anyone knows otherwise, please contact me.

General Store, Washington County

Anne Chamlee photographed this old store on Union Church Road near Warthen in January 1989.